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Hidden Truths Of Ketogenic Diet! Should You Even Do a Keto Diet?

August 9, 2018

It’s 2018 and the whole world is much better and  healthier now than they’ve ever been before. It is is now moving towards a short-term fitness lifestyle called “the ketogenic Diet“.

Well, that’s a great thing. You will be amazed to know that this stuff is not fake. It works and People are actually losing weight in the first week and getting their body of dreams through the Keto Diet. 

So what’s wrong with the ketogenic diet. Well as the saying goes itself by its name.

Every Coin Has Two Sides

Be carefull about the other one that you are ignoring

Similarly Ketogenic diet has a dark side too. I myself have tried this strict diet plan for 30 days and I am not kidding, the results were amazing.


Here’s the catch, this diet is not for everyone.

I am not demotivating you but It can be pretty hard especially if you have a great affinity toward carbohydrates. Apart from this, ketogenic diet can cause serious health issues if not done with proper instructions.

So without any further addo let’s learn about the dark sides of the ketogenic diet and how you can avoid them with proper precautions.

You can be a really smelly person

You can be a really smelly person during ketosis

As weird as it sounds but trust me guys its true. It is caused by elevated ketone levels. The specific culprit is acetone, a ketone that exits the body in your urine and breath.

But don’t worry you’re not going to be the smelly person in your office or at school for a very long period of time. It can be a little bit embarrassing and especially if you’re not personally aware of it in all situations when you are in keto I would just assume that you have bad breath lol.

if you’re okay with sugar-free gum I suggest chewing that and honestly, I think the first couple weeks when you’re transitioning just chew the sugar-free gum like everyone’s gonna be a lot happier that you’re doing that.

Another thing you can try is lemon water in the the mornings that can kind of help with some of the side effects of that and just be really conscientious.

Maybe a few extra showers for the first few weeks and it will go away as it is not forever, so don’t panic on that.

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Dizziness, Heart Palpitations and Muscle Cramping due to Ketosis

These Symptoms can occur to you during Keto diet. It is basically due to low electrolytes but it can manifest itself in a lot of different ways like dizziness sometimes heart palpitations and a lot of like muscle cramping . 

Starting with dizziness, that’s a pretty common one. I would just suggest really keeping up in your electrolytes make sure that you’re taking a magnesium supplement and drink your keto water anytime.

I drink water I just grind salt into it and I’m just happier drinking it with the salt than having to worry about being too low in my electrolytes so that’s how I combat Dizziness.

As far as heart palpitations go, those of us with a really sensitive nervous system or who have sort of like nervous system issues tend to be a lot more susceptible to this.

Your heart can kind of start feeling like it’s palpitating .I am obviously not a doctor if you have any history of heart problems or you feel like something is wrong please go see a doctor.

But I just want to let you know that that can be a side effect of keto at certain times.

The cause of that is typically low electrolytes as well so keep drinking that salt water take your magnesium supplements.

Things are on the cramping side like more muscle issues tend to be more of a potassium deficiency and you can supplement with potassium pills.

I was doing that for a little while then I realized that the potassium pills you can buy in the store is only about 3% of your daily intake that you need and that is because potassium and very large levels can be harmful to your body.

So the vitamin companies actually aren’t allowed to make a potassium supplement that has a higher percentage of your daily intake because you’re also getting potassium from different types of food as well.

So my new stance on this is don’t bother with the supplementation. Just try to make sure you are eating avocado and other foods that are high in potassium and try to get it through the food sources not so much from a pill.

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Low Energy And Motivation

The first few weeks when you switch to keto a pretty common thing starts to happen where you just kind of feel like you want to sleep all the time.

That’s you withdrawing from sugar and your body is not yet used to burning fat for fuel so it takes a little while for that to get jump-started and I would just suggest really making sure you’re getting enough fat if this is happening to you.

it’s to be expected the first few days when you start transitioning but if you’re experiencing this kind of like lethargic low energy feeling way further into your ketogenic journey, I would suggest upping your fat intake a little bit and just seeing if that helps so whether that’s drizzling olive oil onto your salads and adding coconut oil or butter or MCT oil into your coffee kind of making a keto coffee in the morning and you know just finding different ways to add a little bit more fat into your diet and that will usually help spike your energy levels again.

Increased Hair Loss

Hairloss due to ketogenic diet

Honestly I didn’t experienced any kind of hairloss.

But a lot of people have told me that they are facing hairfall issues during this diet. This is not to freak anybody out this is just something that sort that you may notice a little more hair loss initially and then it’s all going to be great and fine and actually one of the benefits.

Interesting part is that your hair actually gets better after a while and but I have seen on a couple of my message boards people complaining about hair loss.

The solution to fix that one is usually just increasing your protein level a little bit at the beginning. 

In general but if you are experiencing hair loss I would suggest up in your protein intake for a couple weeks until that stabilizes and then once your fat adapted you can go ahead and adjust your levels again.

Frequent Urination

frequent urination

One other potential annoying side effect of switching to the ketogenic diet its frequent urination and that’s because of the transition that you are going through.

It’s losing a lot of water weight and so that water weight has to come out of somewhere and you’ll probably find yourself heading back and forth to the bathroom a little more during your working day than you normally would.

I couldn’t use this only lost a couple of weeks and then you should transition right back tomorrow to normal.

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Digestive Problems

That dark side of ketogenic diet really got me.

when I first started I would either have a lot of like really bad constipation which I can’t believe I’m talking about on my blog but a lot of really bad constipation or it would be completely the other way.

A couple of tips to help this and really it is just going to take time it takes a little bit for your body to get readjusted once you are adapted there will be no issues

A couple of things that did help me the first was doing or taking gelatin I take that Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin I made those gummies.

I have made a full blogpost on how you can make keto gummies incase if you’re having digestive issues, I strongly suggest you go read the full recipe.

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The gelatin in the gummies actually really helped me. I was having really intense stomach pain and some gastritis issues so that is a good solution for that.

it really helped me a lot there’s also chewable digestive enzymes that you can buy at Target or somewhere similar .

The other suggestion is don’t go too crazy on your fats the first couple days we want you to have enough fat to get into ketosis and if you overdo it you will definitely know and if that does happen, try to just back off a little teeny bit.

you can eat a little bit more protein if you’re hungry during that period of time until you fully transition and then afterwards, you should be completely fine.

Any other digestive issues that come up usually the solution for me is to just go back and analyze what I’ve been eating sometimes too much dairy can cause some inflammation for some people.

So you kind of have to experiment and just find the sweet spot for yourself but I would anticipate having a little bit of digestive upset the first week or two that you start keto.

Social Ridicule

Social ridicule can also happen when you are on diet

we’ve all been there you’re at dinner with your friends and you take your bun off your hamburger and somebody inevitably says what are you not eating carbs now or makes some comment about it.

How you want to handle this is completely up to you. For me, I just basically say yeah I’m trying to cut back on carbs a little bit right now and leave it at that I don’t need to go into the fact that I’m adding better to my coffee.

I don’t need to talk about how fat is actually good for you I just need to say low-carb and kind of everybody gets it and leaves you alone so that’s my strategy.

if you are looking to sort of inform somebody about the benefits of the ketogenic diet. There are a couple tips and tricks for that as well the first is not to mention how much fat that you’re adding to everything.

People get really freaked out about you eating meats and fats and that’s it.

I mean you would think that this was like a serious cause for concern in their minds you know not that like it’s such a bad thing that I’m eating fat and I’m eating meat and protein but it’s not bad that you’re eating donuts

Like it’s so funny how we’re conditioned to think one thing versus the other is worse so I basically just say yeah I’m focusing on Whole Foods I eat a lot of meat I eat vegetables and I have fat and that’s it.

My Final Words on Should you do a Ketogenic Diet or Not

According to my personal experience, I really enjoyed the diet plan but note the point that it was after the first week cause the first week was literally tragic as my whole body was going through unexpected transformations.

You may feel low and a bit off during the diet but after some days you will feel elevated levels of energy and power.

You may fell little dizziness, headache, constipation and mild hair fall in the starting as we have already discussed. You just need to keep hydrated and continuously fill yourself with electrolytes throughout the day.

So according to me anyone can follow this diet plan except for the people that fall under these categories.

Teenagers Below 21

As there is no research that says keto stuns your growth but here’s what happens in an ideal ketogenic diet you can have fruit but you can’t have a lot of vegetables and you can’t have a lot of green. What you’re missing out on 23 factors is a lot of nutrition and in order to maximize your growth potential in terms of height you need to hit that nutrition.

On the mark, you need to be serious about your nutrition and more than anything if you’re under 21 or if you’re under 18 you’ve got a long time to hit your fitness goals. You don’t need to bother about fast fat loads just do the basics

People With Heart Disease And Diabetes

Anyone who’s using some kind of serious medication especially people with heart disease people with diabetes and anyone who’s using antidepressants like lithium, please stay away from this diet.

Pregnant Women And Young Mothers

 Again there’s no long term research on this topic but what said is that,ketone bodies may harm the health of the fetus and may harm the health of a newborn through breastfeeding and that’s why it’s best to stay safe so if you don’t fall in these three categories.

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